Best Of Erin Says Life

The Mile High Club: Part 2

Last summer, Mike and his office manager were attending a dental seminar in Scottsdale. I panicked, realizing I could die not knowing a single thing about mandibular radiolucencies or benign salivary tumors and made arrangements to fly down and meet him. Just kidding! I just wanted to get a massage,…

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The Mile High Club: Part 1

I don’t mind airplanes, in fact, I rather enjoy them.  People are utterly fascinating to me so sitting next to a stranger for a few hours, in close confines breathing the same recycled oxygen brings me immense pleasure.  Last weekend on our way to L.A., I had one of the…

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Friends Life

Nature Is Screwed Up

While doing jumping jacks in boot camp yesterday, my precious friend Laura informed me that the Department of Wildlife had to come out and euthanize a coyote in her backyard the night before.  Apparently, one of the suckers wandered into her backyard and lay down in the snow by her…

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Life Marriage

April Fool’s

I love April Fool’s Day.  Mike hates this day, probably because of me.  A couple years ago, I asked my friend Amanda who was 8 months pregnant at the time, to take a pregnancy test for me.  She lovingly obliged and much to my delight, a plus sign appeared on…

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Life Motherhood

Little Baby Jesus

A number of my friends have had babies recently and each time I have gone to see their precious little creations, I am overcome with waves of nostalgia. Oh pul-eeeeeeeze people, I am not considering having another one, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE little, tiny, itty, bitty babies.  I am…

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Family Life

Bow Chica Bow Bow

Last night my father and stepmother came over for dinner and I was reminded of yet another time when my siblings and I laughed uncontrollably at my dad’s expense.  When my dad was in college, he was the pool manager at a country club.  Apparently, he had a thing for…

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Motherhood Parenting

Am I Reading This Correctly?

A couple weeks ago we received a letter in the mail informing Mike and I that our daughter has missed more than 8 days of kindergarten this year.  The letter went on to say that the school needs our “help in doing everything possible to reduce the number of absences”…

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Family Pets

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

We have a new pet gecko named Vinnie.  I love this reptile like I gave birth to him.  Last night I was out “running errands” (sitting in my car all alone in the grocery store parking lot, reading People Magazine and not listening to my children fight) when I received…

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