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I Love New Yorkers

Today my daughters requested that I notify them prior to entering the basement when they are playing dolls.  I narrowed my eyes at them.  I know exactly what this means… their Barbies are now sexually active.  Because we were poor growing up, my family could not afford to purchase an…

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Strapping On Hiking Shoes

I always knew I would grow up to marry a doctor or an oil magnate.  I just never imagined I would actually love him.  Oddly enough however, I freaking L-O-V-E my husband.  Like after thirteen years together, the sound of Mike’s chewing doesn’t always make me want to punch him…

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Psychic Encounters

I recently went to Monterey for Mike’s family reunion.  We were at the aquarium when my sister-in-law decided her baby needed to take a nap.  I eagerly volunteered to help her back to the car because watching fish swim around has never been a passion of mine.  On my way…

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I Am a Dickhead

Two days before Mike and I left for California to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, I decided to have a microderm and a “gentle” chemical peel to make my face glow much as it did the day he married me (yes, I was totally pregnant).  The procedure smarted a bit,…

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The Traveling Man

It is a fair assessment to say that Mike and I are obsessed with each other.  We are constantly kissing, groping and touching one another.  We make each other laugh and watch violent crime shows together.  Our relationship is seriously amazeballs.  I have even gone as far as getting a…

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Lindaroni Vacation

Before we get to this week’s happenings, I want to discuss something very serious and entirely disturbing with you.  I recently discovered a picture of me when I was about three years old standing in front of a fireplace butt naked except for a grubby Star Wars shirt, holding a…

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Paging Dr. Whimmer

On our first wedding anniversary I poured my heart and soul (although hollowed, I still have one.  Bite me) into a card for Mike.  I then waited with eager anticipation as he handed me his card which read: “Erin- We have had our ups.  We have had our downs.  Happy…

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The Happiest Place On Earth

Last weekend, God once again ordered me to complete a three day community service stint at Disneyland as my penance for lighting fires and drowning kittens in a previous life.  Apparently I was a real bitch before I reincarnated into Erin-1979.  Fortunately, I have really turned things around in this…

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