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If You Love Something

Gather round boys and girls, it is story time!  Once upon a time there was a gorgeous, kind, charming, loving, magical princess we will call………. Erin.  She was married to handsome dentist named Mike.  They had 3 beautiful daughters that liked to fight.  4 years ago they were living out…

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Oh Lighten Up

I have not been able to update my blog for the past week due to unforeseen circumstances: I didn’t feel like it.  Now, before I can get to the juice I have some business matters to address.  At Thanksgiving, I learned through the grapevine (my family) that a certain genetic…

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Time To Shape Up

Quick update: For those of you who have not already been notified via Facebook, my mermaid birthday seduction idea for Mike totally tanked.  I borrowed my friend Mer’s mermaid costume, flopped onto the bed as promised and then promptly started itching uncontrollably.  Mer has 2 cats and I happen to…

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Our super cool vet, Dr. Vickers, just responded to my most recent blog regarding my middle of the night trip to the animal emergency room, on my anniversary, to have my dog’s anal glands emptied.  He graciously told me I should have called him which sent me into a fit…

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Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

We have a new pet gecko named Vinnie.  I love this reptile like I gave birth to him.  Last night I was out “running errands” (sitting in my car all alone in the grocery store parking lot, reading People Magazine and not listening to my children fight) when I received…

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Gangsta Fish

About a year ago my mom went out and bought a Beta fish.  She bought the thing an enormous glass bowl, live plants, Roman fish statues and rocks made of Swarovski Crystal.  She religiously cleans its gigantic residence every week and fills it with expensive purified water to ensure its…

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Lucky Nipples

I was driving along a busy road to pick my daughters up from school, when I saw a dog playing frogger in traffic.  Now, if there is anything I have a weakness for, it is Italian men and dogs (particularly of the jacked up puppy mill variety). I just knew…

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