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I Steal Cable

You know how Mike has claimed that my Shih Tzu is the “stupidest dog on earth” well it turns out he was wrong, it is my Yorkie!!!  HAHAHAHA FACE MIKE.  Some dogs like antifreeze, my dogs like to play in the street and pretend they are deaf.  We are not…

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Crash And Learn

Psychologist Alfred Adler theorized that childhood experiences affect our behavior and personality as adults.  This is concerning considering I was left at a gas station in the mountains when I was 8 years-old by a bunch of drunk, none-English speaking, friends of a neighbor, that my recently divorced dad entrusted…

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The Ultimate Paradox

Ever since school started this year it has been a battle of wills to get my youngest daughter to attend Kindergarten Enrichment 3 days a week before her actual kindergarten class in the afternoon.  My reasoning was since I enrolled her in half day kindergarten was this would fill in…

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Fascinating Womanhood

Last week I decided to shut down my personal facebook account. Hi my n-n-n-ame is Erin and I am addicted to social networking. (Hang head)   I have been sober for almost two days now and let-me-tell-you this is not easy.  I am sooooooooo glad I never smoked crack, I heard…

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Heal The World

I went to the doctor yesterday because I have another sinus infection.  My doctor informed me I need CAT scan of my head, gave me some prescriptions and told me to go get a “Netti Pot” with the promise that I would “see boogers from sixth grade.”  Okay.  This all…

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Who Nose?

This morning I woke up much to my dismay.  Just kidding, I say that every day.  It was actually one of those mornings I have scorching, passionate, unbridled fantasies about.  The girls woke up on their own, in their own beds, dressed themselves and were in pleasant moods.  I had…

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