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Growing Pains

This year I became a commercial real estate investor. My husband’s dental practice expanded to the point where he was literally “out of room.” I suggested we purchase a “gently worn” RV and a generator so he could do fillings in a parking lot. He countered with it was time…

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Family Life Marriage

Girl You Be Tripping

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile.  I tripped and fell over my elliptical while playing tag with my kid and blew out my knee.  I started physical therapy and am having surgery in a couple of weeks blah blah blah and now the better part of a year is being…

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Life Marriage

Icebergs and Negotiations

One of the four neighbors whom I actually like moved right before Thanksgiving.  She needed some help moving some miscellaneous items like a propane tank and a gas can that apparently wouldn’t fit in her giant car (?), so I graciously loaded them into mine and made the trek into…

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Life Marriage

You Can Bank On It

A few nights ago, I received a text from my uncle.  It was a picture of him and some cute chick in an awkward side-hug.  Random.  I took a picture of my dog licking his ass and sent it back to him with a “?”. A few minutes later he…

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Strapping On Hiking Shoes

I always knew I would grow up to marry a doctor or an oil magnate.  I just never imagined I would actually love him.  Oddly enough however, I freaking L-O-V-E my husband.  Like after thirteen years together, the sound of Mike’s chewing doesn’t always make me want to punch him…

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Health Marriage

Hi My Name is Erin And I Have A Problem

Mike recently staged an intervention after he discovered me cutting up antibiotics with a razor blade and snorting them off the toilet.  He informed me he would no longer write me prescriptions for z-packs until I saw a specialist about my chronic sinus issues.  “Michael, it is super inconvenient to have to…

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Beauty Life Marriage Travel

I Am a Dickhead

Two days before Mike and I left for California to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, I decided to have a microderm and a “gentle” chemical peel to make my face glow much as it did the day he married me (yes, I was totally pregnant).  The procedure smarted a bit,…

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Latest Marriage Travel

The Traveling Man

It is a fair assessment to say that Mike and I are obsessed with each other.  We are constantly kissing, groping and touching one another.  We make each other laugh and watch violent crime shows together.  Our relationship is seriously amazeballs.  I have even gone as far as getting a…

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