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Reverend Mike

Mike became a man of God last weekend.  I suppose I should be happy for him but instead I am finding myself increasingly annoyed at the pious attitude he has assumed in conjunction with his new title “Reverend Moroni.”  Now every time the kids start fighting or the hamster (her…

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Heal The World

I went to the doctor yesterday because I have another sinus infection.  My doctor informed me I need CAT scan of my head, gave me some prescriptions and told me to go get a “Netti Pot” with the promise that I would “see boogers from sixth grade.”  Okay.  This all…

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Who Nose?

This morning I woke up much to my dismay.  Just kidding, I say that every day.  It was actually one of those mornings I have scorching, passionate, unbridled fantasies about.  The girls woke up on their own, in their own beds, dressed themselves and were in pleasant moods.  I had…

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Family Life


Let’s get this party started!!!!! My mom used the bathroom at the airport.  She came out laughing and informed us that two Hawaiian dudes were in there cleaning the Women’s Restroom while all these chicks were using the bathroom.  Their mops kept slopping up against her feet while she peeing. …

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Predators And Flight Attendants

Since this country currently has a asinine law titled “You cannot get married because you are gay and your sexual preference is clearly wrong whereas mine is right despite my reputable habits of employing call-girls and soliciting sex from airport bathrooms unbeknownst to my wife,” I have decided to write…

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