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An Evening With Peyton Manning

A few months ago, Mike received an invitation from a fancy hotel inviting him to an exclusive dinner titled, “An Evening With Peyton Manning (google football player if you are like me).” Calm down, we aren’t that cool. Like we had to pay. It wasn’t a free dinner with Peyton…

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Latest Life

I Am Woman Hear Me Roar

Following last week’s blog, I received a variety of e-mails. My favorite was sent from a man in Texas. He said, “What is all this I am Woman Hear Me Roar bullshit? Bring back the funny! Lol!” Omg. Did we not read the same blog? I am fucking hilarious. Having…

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Latest Life Motherhood

Have A Ball

The first time I saw a human ball was when I was 10 years old. Calm down. I wasn’t molested. I was over at my grandma’s house playing outside when her husband walked out onto their patio, smoking a pipe and wearing a pair of nylon jogging shorts. He casually…

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Latest Life Marriage

Growing Pains

This year I became a commercial real estate investor. My husband’s dental practice expanded to the point where he was literally “out of room.” I suggested we purchase a “gently worn” RV and a generator so he could do fillings in a parking lot. He countered with it was time…

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Here’s The Skinny

Okay, we have processed and are finally ready to talk about it…Deep breath… Lisa’s Version I was recently contacted by a Coolsculpt representative who wanted Erin and I to have our fat frozen off in exchange for a review of the procedure.  Technically, I did not consult Erin prior to…

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Life Pets

Where The Dead Fern Grows

The Great Physician Poster

I spent the past month before I had knee surgery trying to nurse my 9 year old daughter’s chameleon, Fern, back to health.  Fern became “egg bound.”  Essentially, this means she was pregnant, but unable to push those life-suckers out.  The only solution to this harrowing predicament was to spay…

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Family Life Marriage

Girl You Be Tripping

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile.  I tripped and fell over my elliptical while playing tag with my kid and blew out my knee.  I started physical therapy and am having surgery in a couple of weeks blah blah blah and now the better part of a year is being…

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Life Lifestyle

A Hairy Situation

Erin: I have decided we are going to go get Brazilian waxes. Lisa: Okay. Erin: That went over better than I thought it would.  You are drinking wine, watching Lifetime and not really listening to me aren’t you? Lisa: What?   Lisa’s Version of Events I am not a person…

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