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Listen To My Intuition

I attribute my extraordinary sense of intuition to be the guiding force behind my countless successes in life.  Case in point:  Last month when I was in Hawaii with my girlfriends, we drove past the beach where Bethany Hamilton’s arm was chomped off by a shark.  I then learned approximately…

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Latest Marriage Travel

The Traveling Man

It is a fair assessment to say that Mike and I are obsessed with each other.  We are constantly kissing, groping and touching one another.  We make each other laugh and watch violent crime shows together.  Our relationship is seriously amazeballs.  I have even gone as far as getting a…

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Breast Day Ever

Last Friday was the annual Father/Daughter Dance at my kids’ school.  I was walking out the door after finishing my weekly obligatory “I have unresolved guilt from my childhood” volunteer duties, when I noticed the decorations for the dance and my head slowly tilted to the side.  W.T.F. I stared…

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Oops I Joined A Cult

My 9-year-old was at her second violin lesson last Sunday when her teacher came out and informed Mike and I that our kid was feeling dizzy.  We walked over to check on her as she stumbled around, white as a ghost and told me she was going to be sick. …

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