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Oops I Joined A Cult

My 9-year-old was at her second violin lesson last Sunday when her teacher came out and informed Mike and I that our kid was feeling dizzy.  We walked over to check on her as she stumbled around, white as a ghost and told me she was going to be sick. …

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Miss My Sis

It has been one week since my sister and niece moved to Ireland.  Even more upsetting?  They legalized weed in Colorado the day before she left.  It would have been so much more fun if she was here to join Grandma, mom and me.  However, the worst part of having…

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The World Is Ending. Yawn

I recently received an inquiry regarding my feelings on the world allegedly coming to an end later this month.  Since I am always the last to know when the world is going to blow up I decided to educate myself on this matter.  Annnnnd following my extensive five minute google…

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