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I used to feel sorry for people with Celiac’s disease.  Not anymore.  I accidentally bought a bag of gluten-free ginger snaps and they are pretty much BOMB.  Mmmmmm…Mmmmmmm….Mmmmmmmmmm.  I am typing with one hand so I can keep eating.  Anyway, Mike got home from Dallas on Saturday.  While the girls…

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Happy New Year

Last Monday was the Justin Bieber concert in Denver.  Holy.Pubescent.Pandemonium.  My daughters were absolutely beside themselves, I was laughing hysterically watching them while Mike stayed on the phone with the suicide hotline.  I have never been to a rave but I imagine this is what one would be like sans…

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Deer God

Well, this month has been a giant whirlwind of activity.  Let’s begin with Grandpa Frank.  For as long as I can remember he would laugh and say “The best thing about living is dying.”  He was an authority on this matter because he technically died 30 years ago from a…

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Big Pimpin’ Spendin’ Mike’s G’s

Last week my yorkie Layla, became ill after eating rabbit shit according to our vet.  This incidentally serves as a good reminder for all of us: Stop Doing That.  My precious baby required a variety of antibiotics, x-rays, blood work, an IV, hand fed meals, massages and a couple thousand…

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Lucky Nipples

I was driving along a busy road to pick my daughters up from school, when I saw a dog playing frogger in traffic.  Now, if there is anything I have a weakness for, it is Italian men and dogs (particularly of the jacked up puppy mill variety). I just knew…

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