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Dog Almost Gone It

For those of you who do not follow me on Facebook, my precious lab passed away a little over a week ago. Right now I feel heartbroken, lost, numb, guilty, grief-stricken and even a little pissed. I guess I just miss my boy. Now, even though I usually love me…

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Family Latest Life Motherhood

Dear Daughters

Dear Daughters, I know you are all at ages where listening to me is utterly monotonous. I get it. Trust me, Dad has felt it for 15 long years. However, I am asking you to read this and then you can go right back to your phones, iPads, and laptops.…

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Children Family Latest Life

Don’t Touch Brown Coral

My daughter picked up a human shit on the beach. Yep. Ya’ read it right. We had just arrived at our relaxing island destination for vacation. Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we decided to go exploring. Mike and I were strolling along an absolutely pristine beach, hand in hand,…

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Family Latest Life Pets

I Told You to Stay

I took Broccoli to the vet for a check-up. My old dog happily obliges. He loves the vet. Not because he is a hypochondriac. He loves everyone. His blood work came back. The vet wants to run a few more tests. Something is not right. I am skilled at detecting…

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Family Life Marriage

Girl You Be Tripping

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile.  I tripped and fell over my elliptical while playing tag with my kid and blew out my knee.  I started physical therapy and am having surgery in a couple of weeks blah blah blah and now the better part of a year is being…

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Family Life People Travel

Psychic Encounters

I recently went to Monterey for Mike’s family reunion.  We were at the aquarium when my sister-in-law decided her baby needed to take a nap.  I eagerly volunteered to help her back to the car because watching fish swim around has never been a passion of mine.  On my way…

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Family Life My Mom Pets

Extra Crazy Cat Lady

It has been two weeks since my mom’s cat, Mr. Whiskerpuss, passed away.  My mom was utterly devastated, sooooo I took it upon myself to find her another obscenely expensive, purebred kitten to fill the void.  Mike was adamant that I ask my stepfather, Bob, before I bought the cat…

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Family Friends Life Marriage

Rolling The Fat

My pregnant friend, Mer, just sent me a text of herself at the OBGYN’s office.  I texted her back that she needed to go study the poster of cervixes on the wall since the last giant one was going to be hers soon.  She responded that there was also a…

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