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Don’t Touch Brown Coral

My daughter picked up a human shit on the beach. Yep. Ya’ read it right. We had just arrived at our relaxing island destination for vacation. Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we decided to go exploring. Mike and I were strolling along an absolutely pristine beach, hand in hand,…

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I used to feel sorry for people with Celiac’s disease.  Not anymore.  I accidentally bought a bag of gluten-free ginger snaps and they are pretty much BOMB.  Mmmmmm…Mmmmmmm….Mmmmmmmmmm.  I am typing with one hand so I can keep eating.  Anyway, Mike got home from Dallas on Saturday.  While the girls…

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Happy New Year

Last Monday was the Justin Bieber concert in Denver.  Holy.Pubescent.Pandemonium.  My daughters were absolutely beside themselves, I was laughing hysterically watching them while Mike stayed on the phone with the suicide hotline.  I have never been to a rave but I imagine this is what one would be like sans…

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ADD and Pumpkins

Recently my doctor friend told me I probably had ADD and that I would likely love adderall.  My brain instantly began sorting through data until I landed on adderall.  Aaaaahhhh yes, I saw a Dateline special about this drug…….teenagers stealing it, soccer-moms getting addicted and selling their children for it. …

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Time To Shape Up

Quick update: For those of you who have not already been notified via Facebook, my mermaid birthday seduction idea for Mike totally tanked.  I borrowed my friend Mer’s mermaid costume, flopped onto the bed as promised and then promptly started itching uncontrollably.  Mer has 2 cats and I happen to…

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