Bye Felicia

This week Erin posted on her Facebook wall something about not keeping much junk, hating knick-knacks and admitted to throwing most of her kids artwork away (just like most of us moms who choose not to be hoarders). Anywho, a random super angry reader of the page called Erin a “heartless bioch” (yes b-i-o-c-h) and expressed that she thinks “we suck” blah blah blah…. and then her final sign off post was “Bye Felicia”.

What is my point? Do you have any idea how long we have put off selling merchandise on our website? Annnd all of the sudden, on a random Sunday night, she just inspired us to print her profound words on t-shirts so we all can wear and enjoy them. Like, what a fun work out shirt, right?

We are honestly so relieved that we finally have a marketing plan for merchandice. I actually think we may give her some of the proceeds.  (Oh hell no- Erin)

Soooooo, Bye Felicia

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