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I do not kill bugs or spiders.  In fact, there is a little spider currently residing in my office and I am just going to let her stay for the winter.  She is black with a pretty red dot on her stomach.  Just kidding.  She is not one of those feminist man-hating bitch kinds.  Last summer my niece discovered a live mouse in our window well so I climbed down with a bucket to catch it but started screaming hysterically when the thing kept running over my feet.  My sister was like “Oh My God.  You are such a pussy Erin, I will get it!”  She climbed down there with me so we could shriek together since it was apparent the mouse did not trust our well-intentioned motives because it was extremely uncooperative as it proceded to clamber up our legs while our kids watched from the other side of the window laughing.

We eventually caught the thing and released it back into the suburban wild only to watch in horror as it ran into the street and got hit by a car.  Our children started crying and we had no other choice but to buy them toys to appease their taxed emotions.  Anyway, consider this an abstract thesis to the actual point of this blog:  I am adamantly opposed to harming any living creature…….except child molesters.  And then my reverence for another’s life inexplicably vanishes and I do not give a fuck.  At all.

For my Colorado readers you are already aware of the little girl that was recently kidnapped and killed.  It is devastating and tragic and there are no words to justify or bring light to such a horrific, disgusting violation of another human being.  What I will say is that somewhere along the line our legal system has gone array due to the inability of our society to utilize common sense.  We spend millions of dollars every year convicting, incarcerating, paroling and then babysitting these sick fucks so they can be given another opportunity to prey on our children because God forbid we violate the civil liberties that they have manipulated and taken advantage of to a point of absurdity.  What about the rights of our children? Political standing aside, do we not have a social, ethical and constitutional obligation to protect our children?  We fucking should.

It would not keep me awake at night if the penalty for a child abuser was a mandatory death sentence.  I can assure you it would be a hell of lot easier to track the bastards.  We needn’t be mindful of registered sex offenders in our neighborhoods nor would it matter if convicted predators didn’t register at all (annnnd considering we are dealing with people capable of having sex with children, they are probably not terribly heedful of filing paperwork, fucking duh) because they would already be accounted for…… 6 feet underground.   It is so exhaustingly beyond the time to start inflicting harsher penalties against perverse individuals.  Laws.Need.To.Change.  Politicians- Take into consideration that by having child molesters offed, you would be assisting the earth as well, since these fuckers would no longer be polluting the environment with their nauseating presence.   I champion and embrace change, whoever makes this happen can have my vote.  XO



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