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I Am A Yes Person

Whenever I laugh, I cry.  I cannot help it; this has been a problem for awhile.  Right now I am sobbing.  I was looking at my sister’s fb wall and she posted a positive affirmation for herself saying “I am yes person.  I am a yes person.  I am yes person.”  Clearly she did not think this out.  So underneath I typed:

Homeless Person:  Will you have sex with me?

Mom:  Will you swear to take care of me in my old age when I am incontinent?

Me:  Will you give me all your cute expensive clothes?

Dad:  Do you want to take a father/daughter road trip across the country for old times’ sake?

Daughter:  Can I have another hamster?

Me Again:  Can I buy her another hamster?

Mom:  Will you go with me to one of those naked bathhouses I like to frequent?

Daughter:  Can I have a slumber party here with my entire class tomorrow?

Me Again:  Do you ever wish we were adopted?

Dude:  Do you trust me?

Dude Again:  Do you want to try something new?  (Coy voice. Wink, wink)

I was lying on the floor in convulsions from laughing so hard.  I called my sister and informed her I was officially a “NO” person after reading the hot mess she just made for herself.  Without missing a beat she said (pretending to be a dude) “Oh in that case……….Bitch (meaning me), DO YOU MIND if we try something new?”  I love her.  I really, reallllllllllly love her. XO



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